Our family gathering on Mother's Day, 2013 in Washington DC.

27 FEB 2013 Independance Day!

Bud and Karen

La Pepa, a replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon, will dock in Santo Domingo as part of the events marking the Bicentennial of the 1812 Spanish Constitution. The bicentenary celebrations mark the first democracy in Spain, and the constitution was drawn up in Cadiz in 1812. It was known as La Pepa, after the day when it was written n Day of San Jose. 

These small devices are solar powered.  They have many sermons in Spanish and were provided for free by In Touch Ministries and distributed by Missionary Ventures International throughout the Latin American countries.

The people here in the Dominican Republic were so excited to receive these....and did not have any solar powered device!
Lavidania, Pastor Franklin, and son
This is a sermon translator that Pastor Franklin and his family have been listening to.  These are solar powered and have a variety of sermons (in Spanish) on them.  They were listening to a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley.  We distributed over 50 of these throughout the Dominican Republic in areas where we work.

The FACES of Hato Viejo

The Shelter

Bud telling Jose what adjustments are necessary

The shelter provides lots of protection....from the sun and rain!